NBS Benefits Explorer
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Step 1. Identify Purpose

What are you looking to understand?

Step 2. Select Habitat

Which habitat is relevant to your project context? (choose one)

Step 3. Select Intervention(s)

What type(s) of interventions are needed in your chosen habitat? (choose at least one)

Step 4. Update Explorer

Click the "Update Explorer" button below (or at the top of the page) to view the relevant activities, processes, and benefits in the dashboard.

Step 5. Select Activities/Benefits

Within the dashboard, choose the activities you plan to implement, or the benefits you want to achieve with your project (based on your choice in Step 1).

Step 6. Explore Results

Explore your results and view details. To view descriptions and available quantification methods, click on or hover over the various boxes.

Step 7. Export Results

Click the "Export View" button below to download a spreadsheet summarizing your NBS results (i.e., linked activities, processes, and benefits).

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